Our Works

We treat everything related to on-board mechanics and systems, from ordinary engine maintenance to general overhaul. We also deal with maintenance and construction of all facilities and equipment on board:

– Fuel and water pipes etc.
– Pumps
– Engine basements
– Complete axis lines
– Tanks
– Exhaust pipes and silencers
– Engine room ventilation
– Overhaul, replacement and sale of Onan generators
– Overhaul of ZF engines and transmissions

For some years we have also dealt with the industrial sector by assisting engines installed on earth moving machines and Gen-Sets.


The study and execution of the new installations are our workhorse. In accordance with the customer’s needs, the most advantageous solutions are studied both from a technical performance and economic point of view. The customer is followed throughout every working phase, satisfying every need. The decennial experience allows us to perform the most different remotorizations always obtaining the best result.


In our company we carry out general overhaul of the engines we represent. After disassembly and replacement of all worn parts, the engines are tested, painted and re-embarked. In the first season of operation we cover the engines under our guarantee.

On-board systems

A lot of attention is spent on the arrangement of systems, from the choice of materials to the arrangement in the engine room. Sometimes it is thought that the success of an installation depends exclusively on the right sizing of the engines or propellers, but this is not true. In fact, if something is left to chance, unpleasant inconveniences can occur.

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